Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. In case of publication by the Seller of photos, sketches or valuations Items sold on sale, it is assumed that they will be posted for your reference only. In any event, published descriptions, photographs, sketches or sales valuation Items will not mark an item or a technical description of things. Seller will not assume any liability for any different from the actual facts, conclusions regarding Item Sales, drawn by the buyers on the basis of published materials only. It is assumed that the only authoritative source of information on the state of the Object of the sale, labeling and description of a personal, first-hand verification of Sale Items at the store made by the Participant prior to the auction bid.
  2. Publication of designations, descriptions, photographs, sketches and selling valuations Items not exempt from the need to Buyers accurate verification of the information in the storage Item Sales before submitting a bid.
  3. You acknowledge that the sale of items sold through LIGNUM PRZEMYSŁAW KRETOWICZ Inc. in the vast majority of things are used, so that the seller guarantee excludes defects due to the sale Items, so as to prevent any future objections concerning the technical condition of Item Sales, Participant is obliged to thorough verification of the technical condition, the degree of wear and the degree of completeness of Items of equipment sales before an offer of purchase. Participant by submitting a bid for Item Sales Vendor declares that he is aware of the technical condition of the sale and the degree of the Object, its use and completeness of equipment and that it unconditionally accepts the established state of the Object of sale.
  4. Seller does not warrant the sale of any items sold individually outside the agreed terms. Seller guarantee excludes defects Items for sale.
  5. If LIGNUM PRZEMYSŁAW KRETOWICZ Inc. provides you with translation of the Polish version of the Terms, the User agrees that the translation for information purposes only, and your relationship with the Seller subject to the Conditions in the Polish language version.
  6. If there are any conflicts between the Polish version of the Terms and translated version, will apply Polish language version.