Maszyna Tartaczna LIGNUMA Horizontal Band Saw, Horizontal Trak TTM-800

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Model / type of machinePiła Taśmowa Pozioma, Trak Poziomy TTM-800
Category of machinesMaszyna Tartaczna
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Horizontal Band Saw, Horizontal Trak TTM-800 LIGNUM
Type / Model: TTM-800
Production Year: 2000
Condition: Very Good (Machine Complete)
Technical Description:
Bandsaw with movable cutting unit is designed for longitudinal sawing logs and logs.

Track, which moves the cutting unit, is equipped with mountings for the log. Loading logs on the saw is easier, because processing takes place on the logs of 0.1 m above ground level.

Feed, vertical (up-down) has a drive from an electric motor. Feed levels (working) is also driven by an electric motor.


1st The thickness of the treated logs:
"Max 850 mm, 750 mm, without turning

2nd Log length:
"- Standard version: up to 11 m

3rd Length of track:
"13 m (2 x 6.5 m)

4th Installed power:
"Main drive 10 kW/400V
"Horizontal feed drive 1.10 kw
"Vertical feed drive 1.10 kW
"Feed roll drive 0,18 kW

5th Horizontal feed speed, continuously adjustable mechanical - 2 ranges:
"Forward 1.5 - 20 m / min
"In the back of 5.0 - 40 m / min

6th Feed speed vertical up-down:
"11 mm / s

7th Parameters of band saw blade:
"Length of 4.14 or 4.01 m
"Width of 32-35 mm
"Thickness 0,9-1,0 mm
"Tooth pitch 22 mm

8th Dimensions width:
"Length: 1.70 m
"Width: 2.15 m
"Height: 1.35 m

9th Total weight: 1650 kg, including:
"Header: 800 kg
"Track (2 x 6.5 m): 580 kg
"Track accessories: 270 kg



Lack of technical parameters associated with the machine

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