Maszyna Tartaczna JABŁOŃSKI Saw unilateral switch gear Oflisiarka DBRZ TYPE B35

Item no. 65
Model / type of machinePiła Rozdzielcza Jednostronna Oflisiarka TYP DBRZ B35
Category of machinesMaszyna Tartaczna
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Saw is designed for one-sided trimming boards. For this type, we can prune obrzynarce boards up to 6 meters in length. Board (Balik) lies motionless on the frame, cutting head equipped with rollers and wedges distribution enables cutting in both directions, no runs idle. The first cut on obrzynarce make according to indications such as laser line. The second cut can be done in three different ways, depending on what we receive.
1st Again, the laser line - we get the maximum yield of timber, but the board may be convergent, but for example when the roof planking - planks alternately stacking compensates for convergence.
2nd Without turning the board - for exemplary infeed on which we can prune the board parallel to a width of 16 cm.
3rd Rotate the board (the back) can dosuwać it to the second exemplary allowing parallel to the cutting board 36 cm wide.
Stack can also be used to cut out patches, etc. kontrłat
"Main motor 6 kW
"Maximum cutting length 6 m
"The minimum length of a board of 70 cm
"The maximum thickness of 65 mm
'Feed working 10-36 m / min



Cutting length mm 6000
Minimum Working Length mm 700
Engine power kW 6
Technically Efficient tak
Ideal Condition tak

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