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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Machining Center MORBIDELLI AUTHOR 430S SCM Group Model: Author 430S Country: Italy Machine Status : Very Good (The SCM Site Survey, prepared for work, loaded new software) Production year: 2003 Description: · Download Center Italian wood machining production of well-known company Morbidelli (SCM Group) 3050x1385 ° field work, · 180 mm panel thickness, · number of unit heads 1-18, < / p> · feeders tools 1 to 6 pc, · fixing material 6 double carriages vacuum, • Control XYZ · Weight 3300 kg Type The machine with high rigidity of the superstructure bottom bracket, compared to machine-mounted. Scope treated area

· X-axis (along the longitudinal axis of the machine) - 3050 (3450) mm · Y-axis (transverse to the longitudinal axis of the machine) - 1385 (1465) mm · axis Z (parallel to the vertical axis machine tools) - 280 mm · axis C - 3600 Room BB chuck unit Auto drilling Vertical-18 independently controlled spindles arranged in a grid of 32mm Auto drilling horizontal - 6 spindles (4 spindles (2 +2) in the X-axis, 2 spindles (1 +1) in Y)

a milling unit - with interchangeable tools (motor spindle) · cooperation with the leading storage-system tools HSK63 F · Programming directions of rotation (L and P) < p> · programmed speed in the range of 1500 to 18 000 revolutions per minute. The energy levels of the locks Toolbox 14 - Internal financial position tool magazine, working with electrospindles. workpiece clamping system · vacuum (clings elements to the workbench). · Density 7 bar · vacuum pump · extraction Ø250 -300 mm · assistance when positioning · automatic lubrication

Working table Six beams trawersowych established with the aid of pneumatic brakes. W For ofrezowywania lateral edges of the workpiece is used in addition bitmap overlay or template performed in-house. Working table can be divided into independent from each field machining (4 field work). This division allows for a significant increase in efficiency - while at the same field is the cycle, followed by a second loading elements for processing. Breakdown allow the addition of ability to perform up to four different programs independently for each field, making alternating symmetrical elements (in the mirror reflected example, the sides of cabinets and cabinet doors ) without requiring a separate records software. Control System Integrated Windows XP PC with software XILOG PLUS color monitor, the graphics scheme, the user support system - generator error codes. Price: 25.000EUR


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