Thicknesser sided Jarome JAROCIN DSND-80 FLOW

Item no. 429
Model / type of machineDSND-80 FLOW
Category of machinesThicknesser sided
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Jarome Thicknesser DSND-80 FLOW
Production Year: 2008
Condition: Very Good

DSND planer is designed to zestrugiwania layer of wood on one side of an item to obtain an appropriate thickness, and surface roughness. For straightness of the lower surface of the item should be prepared for a planer.
Shaved thickness of the layer and the feed rate depends on the width of the desired item and planed smooth surfaces.
The technical documentation specific treatment parameters are the maximum feasible. Treatment of other settings and other materials (plastics, wood-based materials) is possible only after agreement with the manufacturer.
The machine is designed to work only with a central or individual suction of sawdust.

Product description:
Compact body welded construction ensures a good job placed in the mechanisms. Top cover - opening allows for quick and easy access to all points of adjustment and lubrication mechanisms Cutterhead assembly and walcy posuwowych.Knife shaft is mounted in roller bearings. Power feed rollers are driven by gear chain gear motor. Feed drive is connected with an inverter so that the feed speed is infinitely variable. Cast iron machine table is carried in vertical guides of the machine body.
The desired thickness of the workpiece is achieved by setting the table for Cutterhead. To improve safety at work machine has: covered all elements of rotary latch to protect against jet service before the workpiece recoil. In addition to improving safety during adjustment, sharpening knives and replacement machine is equipped with a device that prevents the inclusion of machine tools with an open top cover. Main drive motor has an electromechanical brake, which allows you to quickly stop the machine.

"Maximum planing width: 800mm
"The minimum thickness of planed material: 3mm
"The maximum thickness of planed material: 220mm
"Maximum shaved thickness: 6mm
"Minimum length of workpiece: 330mm
"Cutting speed: 30m / s
"Infinitely variable feed speed: 4 ~ 24m / s
"Squeegee nozzle diameter chip extraction: 160mm
"The speed of air in the system odwiórowania: 24m / s
"Air consumption: 1750 m3 / h
"Power supply: AC / N / PE 400V, 50 Hz
"Power consumption: ~ 13.5 kW
"Main motor power: 11kW
"Feeding motor power: 2.2 kW
"Lifting Motor Power: 1.5 kW
"Weight: 1280kg
"Overall dimensions: length 1150mm x width 1470mm x height 1200mm



Mm thickness workpieces max 220
Maximum Working Width mm 800
The maximum size of harvested material mm 6
Machine for the simultaneous transport and processing element tak
The machine has CE marking tak
Machine used tak
Minimum Working Length mm 330
Minimum Working mm thickness 3
Main Engine Power kW 11
Feeding motor power kW 2,2
Installed Power kW ok 13,5
Supply Voltage V AC/N/PE 400V, 50 Hz
Security Guards tak
Feed speed m / min 4-24
Electrically Controlled Adjustments tak
Technically Efficient tak
Ideal Condition tak
Machine weight kg 1280
Cutterblock 4
Machine Dimensions L x W x H mm 1150 x 1470 x 1200
With any adjustable rate tak
The noise absorbing housing tak

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