The line connecting timber GOMAD / FAMAD End tenoning machine FPM + Press PHSL-R

Item no. 395
Model / type of machineCzopiarka FPM + Prasa PHSL-R
Category of machinesThe line connecting timber
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Little Manual Line On The Joints Wood Length GOMAD / FAMAD
Type / model: Single end tenoning machine GOMAD FPM + Press for gluing the length FAMAD Paczków PHSL-R
Production Year: 2007
Condition: Very Good

GOMAD end tenoning machine FPM
FP is a high-end tenoning machine designed to perform machine tool grooves, splines, pins and Dovetail. The machine has a sliding table on which the workpiece is mounted, which is then moved in the direction of the unit and saw milling unit to perform processing. When treatment is completed, the workpiece back to the operator position, where the material is loaded and unloaded. Guide the workpiece and the bumper are set manually.

Technical Data:
"Saw 3.5 kW motor
"Turnover saw 3000 r / min
"Max saw blade diameter 400 mm
"Max cutting thickness of 120 mm
"Dozer blade 120 mm
"Motor 7.5 kW milling
"Spindle 3000, 4500, 6000 rev / min.
"Spindle diameter 40 mm
"HStem 180 mm
"Max dia. 350 mm tool
"H podn. Table 65 mm
"Dimensions of table 450 x 840 mm
"Shift along. 1380 mm table
"Required air pressure 0.6 MPa
"Diameter of 80 mm sawdust
"The speed of air in the sawdust of 25 m / s
"Weight 800 kg
"The device for applying adhesive to the connection
"Mechanical feed worktable
"Ruler bumper
"Pneumatic Clamps

Press PHSL-R

Press PHSL - R is designed to combine the method krawędziaków wedge connectors of various lengths into a unified whole. This allows the acquisition of raw wood without the drawbacks / knots, cracks, etc. of any length. The advantage of such bonded krawędziaków is to provide stability to their shape.
Items made from milling - shapers, through feeding tray after the initial terminal manual squares arranged head-to each other, are directed at the press table, where, after obtaining the required length is cut. Then, using strips spychająco - clamping and retaining strip is limited to the pressure area, where the process of merging. This is done by means of a hydraulic cylinder pressure. After completion of the merger, pushed squares are glued to the table receiving the press.

Technical Data:
"Working height of administration: 900 - 920mm
"The minimum length of the bonded elements: 150mm
"The width of glued elements: 30 - 150mm
"The thickness of the elements bonded: 16 - 50mm
"Glued element length: 3000mm



The length of the element glued mm 3000
Air Pressure tak
Machine for the simultaneous transport and processing element tak
The machine has CE marking tak
Machine used tak
Supply Voltage V 380-400
Security Guards tak
Pneumatic Adjustable Table tak
Technically Efficient tak
Ideal Condition tak
Equipped with a tray tak

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