Drill-through VITAP SIGMA 2 TAS

Item no. 386
Model / type of machineSIGMA 2 TAS
Category of machinesDrill-through
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Automatic drill-through VITAP
Type / model: 2TAS
Production Year: 2006
TECHNICAL Condition: Good

Technical Description:
The right team is moving levels and can move over vertical bands of mounted drills also. Drill a series of drilling alternating vertical / horizontal. The machine can be equipped with vertical drilling the lower bands with heads at 9 Rotating spindles. It is possible to order the special warheads. Lower vertical drilling unit is equipped with 2 motors 1.5 hp (1.1 kW) sliding on a sled and prepared for the compilation of the dome. The transverse motion of motors and heads turn is blocked by a pneumatic switch mounted on the front band. Adjusting the longitudinal drill team is very simple and is done by releasing the pressure and the slip displacement.

"Utility worktable 2 500 mm;
"2 teams horizontal drilling spindles after 21 prepared for the quick with engines of 2.5 hp (1.84 kW);
"Digital thickness control indicators;
"2 pneumatic bumpers;
"Component-based pneumatic bumpers - front and side;
"Wheelbase 32 mm spindles.
"Lower vertical drilling unit is equipped with 2 motors 1.5 hp (1.1 kW) sliding on the sled
"Number of vertical drilling units: 5p. (Each team with two heads after 9 spindles)



Number of heads pack 12
The number of motor units 12
Maximum Working Width mm 2500
Machine for the simultaneous transport and processing element tak
The machine has CE marking tak
Machine used tak
Feed speed m / min Max 70
Manual Adjustment tak
Technically Efficient tak
Good Condition tak
Machine weight kg 1540

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