Centrum Obróbcze CNC MKF Technic Vertical Milling tri FORUM 1522 A

Item no. 384
87.000,00 PLN net
ManufacturerMKF Technic
Model / type of machineTrzyosiowa Frezarka Pionowa FORUM 1522 A
Category of machinesCentrum Obróbcze CNC
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Vertical CNC milling tri MKF Technic
Manufacturer: MKF Technic Pszczyna
Type / Model: 1522 A FORUM
Production Year: 2009
Condition: PERFECT - machine was used as an exhibition - the master, he never worked on the production

Price of a new machine with similar parameters is about 140,000 zł + VAT.

Technical Description:
The machine is designed for milling any work by any program. Performs spatial and flat carving in wood, MDF and other wood-based materials. You can perform processing on the stairs, doors, windows, furniture fronts but also, and even relief. In addition, the router can also be used for machining plastics and aluminum.

The equipment of the machine components deserve attention from renowned manufacturers. Axes X, Y, Z are driven by servo motors Mitsubishi. Anyway, the whole electronic system is based on the components of this group - these are in addition to servo servo and inverter.CNC Controller is a product of an American company Baldor. Mark provided the electro-ELTE 5.6 kW power, obtaining 18 thousand. r / min. You can fasten on him the tools with a maximum diameter of 16 mm. Transmission in X and Y is due to listwom gyrus. However, in the Z-axis ball screw is used with a stroke of 5.5 mm.
The advantage of MKF Technic machines is their open architecture, allowing customers in any way create the final hardware configuration.

Technical Data:
"Field Work: 2200 x 1400 x 150 mm
"Electro ELTE's power 5.6 kW, speed: 18,000 rpm / min.
"Manual tool change, the maximum clamping diameter is 18 mm
"Transmission of axes - racks
"The control cabinet
"Axes X, Y, Z, driven by servo motors OMRON
"Driver's American production CNC Baldor
"Device for the production of oil mist
"Raster table prepared for mounting vacuum pumps wakuum (not forming part of the kit)
"The WINDOWS operating system, software SMART 3 D



The machine has CE marking tak
Technically Efficient tak
Ideal Condition tak

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