Reversible drill OPTIMAT Week EMA 500

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Model / type of machineOPTIMAT BHX 500
Category of machinesReversible drill
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Type / Model: OPTIMAT BHX 500
Year: 2010
Condition: NEW Machine, Unused

Technical description:

Optimat BHX 500 enables simultaneous processing elements on both sides.
The same elements can be performed singly or doubly with the same or a different amount of work.

The machine concept BHX 500 is based on the idea to divide the machine into 3 ranges of technology: the scope of the collection, processing range and scope of the answer.
Through in such a way treatments gained independence process was optimized in time and quality.

To meet the wishes of the customer - to get more performance during the same interval and at the same time, however, retain the same quality - the processing units and transport system components have been specially equipped with POWER-packet.

(Power High-Speed ​​Machining - to 7500/min speed, acceleration and the axis of 10m/sekundę displacement speed 130m/min)

Technical Data:
FirstVertical drilling unit located on the lower and upper suporcie machining, each with 32 spindles drilling (one liquid selected from the range of rotation).
"Locking the spindle to maintain the exact depth.
"Jump in the Z direction: 60 mm
"Drilling Depth: 38 mm max
"Direction of rotation: right / left
"Speed: 1,500 to 7,500 rev / min. With adjustable frequency
"Drive: 2 x 2.7 kW
"Handle Drill: d = 10 mm
"The total length of drill bits: 70 mm
"Spacing of spindles: 32 mm

Second Horizontal drilling unit located on the lower and upper suporcie machining, each with 10 individually controlled spindles.
"After eight spindles in the X direction
"After 2 spindle in the Y direction
"Drilling depth: max. 38 mm
"The amount of drilling in Z axis: 38 mm, from the upper edge
"Direction of rotation: right / left
"Speed: 1500 to 7500 rev / min with Adjustable Frequency
"Handle:d = 10 mm
"The total length of drill bits: 70 mm
"Type of spindle: individually controlled

Third Wręgujące units on the upper and lower suporcie machining for machining in the X and Y pivot 90 stopni.Głębokość cut: 30 mm
"Cross-cut: max. 70 mm2
"Speed: 1500 to 7500 rev / min with Adjustable Frequency
"Blade Diameter: 125 mm
"Thickness of blade: max. 5 mm

4th Milling unit located on the lower and upper suporcie machining, tool suitable for fastening finger.
"Manual tool change.
"Chuck: 25 mm for the stem
"Diameter of tools: according to the attached plan
"Working length: according to the attached plan
"Tool Weight: max. 2.5 kg
"Placing tools: manual, quick-change system for ETP 25
"Direction of rotation: right / left
"Speed: 6,000 to 18,000 rev / min continuously programmable
"Max.power on the tool for 5 / 6 kW at continuous work / intermittent (S1/S6-50%)

Dimensions of workpieces:
"Min. 200 mm length of the elements
"Max. 2500 mm length elements
"Min. 70 m width of the elements
"Max. 1000 mm width of the elements - from 1300 mm working restrictions
"Min. Thickness of the elements of 8 mm (2 x 4 mm)
"Max. Thickness of elements 80 mm (2 x 40 mm)
"Max. Stacking elements 2 pcs



Machine for the simultaneous transport and processing element tak
The machine has CE marking tak
The new machine tak
Security Guards tak
Full Maintenance Manual tak
Electrically Controlled Adjustments tak
Technically Efficient tak
Ideal Condition tak

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