Centrum Obróbcze CNC IMA BIMA 310 Type 120/500

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Model / type of machineBIMA 310 Typ 120/500
Category of machinesCentrum Obróbcze CNC
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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CNC machining center BIMA 310 Type 120/500
Type / model: 120/500
Production Year: 2005
Condition: Very Good

Technical Data:
"Range X: 5000mm
"Range Y: 1400mm
"Scope of Work: 300mm
"The number of electro spindle: 1 pc.
"Main Motor: 6kW
"Tool: 18 seats
"Rotary axes: Axis C
"Vertical Drill: 21szt.
"Drill Horizontal X: 2
"Drill Horizontal Y: 2
"Machine table: 8 sliding beams
"The demand pressure: 6 bar
"Weight: 6500kg
"The machine-based processing Win NT IMA WOP program gives the possibility of rapid development of various elements.
"The vacuum pump is used to mount components and the cooling of the spindle.
"Toolbox eighteen local Rotary magazine providing a rapid exchange of tools (max sized 150mm, max 240mm long)
"Main spindle driven directly from the motor through the inverter speed control gives the possibility to 18000.Wrzeciono from 1500 liquid-cooled, rotating right and left. Main spindle with the axis which gives the possibility of mounting a machining units: saw, cutter levels, etc.
"IMA 310 has a remote control giving the possibility to stop execution when processing a liquid workpiece and feed speed.



Lack of technical parameters associated with the machine

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