Saw Saw It DOFAMA POLMATEX Cut Foam upholstery, Polyurethane

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Model / type of machinePiła Do Cięcia Pianki Tapicerskiej, Poliuretanowej
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Panki Cutting Machines Polyurethane, upholstery POLMATEX DOFAMA
Type / Model: WK 25/1250
Production Year: 2001
Condition: Very Good (the machine is fully operational)

Technical Description:
The machine is used for cutting upholstery foam (polyurethane) with blocks of arbitrary thickness. Treated material (foam block) rests on the tables feeding rollers. Working perform motion-filing room tables set in motion by the operator, cutting system is constant. A cutting system consists of four leading wheels cutting the tape, of which one is driven by belt transmission. Blade speed is constant. The tape blade is ripped and hydraulic tensioner also is conducted in leading rolls. This band saw Dimensions: 8450x13x0, 45 (mm), twisted by 180 °. This rotation causes the machine has the ability to double-cut, eliminating the idle movements, thereby increasing the cutting performance.
In the body of the machine is installed on a band saw sharpener.Sharpening is a very important part of the work, because the effects of sharpening the cutting face of the material.
Manual - the right fence and feed tables is automatic, there is only a "start" and "stop" the drive and the band saw sharpener.

Technical Data:
"Number of working blade wheels: 4 pcs
"Diameter belt wheel: 340mm
"Blade length: 8450mm
"Blade width: 15mm
"Blade thickness: 0.45 mm
"Horizontal clearance: 1200mm
"Vertical clearance: 1300mm
"Feed tables: manual
"Feed fence: manual
"Main drive motor power: 3,5 kW
"Sharpening the engine power: 200 - 24 V
"Machine weight: 1300 kg
"Width: 3600mm
"Length: 4500mm

Bargain Price: 32.000zł NET



Machine used tak
Technically Efficient tak
Very Good Condition tak
Machine weight kg 1300
Engine power kW 3.5

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