The line connecting timber FAMAD Paczków PDFD Dwuczopiarkowa

Item no. 352
Model / type of machinePDFD Dwuczopiarkowa
Category of machinesThe line connecting timber
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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The line for Joining Wood FAMAD PREPACKED PDFD
Production Year: 2004
Condition: Very Good (Line Complete)

Technical Description:

PDFD line consists of two basic components: Milling Sockets Czopiarek DFC-60 (where the bars are machined face), and presses to connect to the length PHSL which is a merger of elements in the strip to a length of 6.6 meters with the possibility of programming up to eight międzycięć dividing strip pieces of a programmed length of service. The presented configuration line allows for maximum performance of up to 7200 m / shift. Microprocessor control allows for flexible adjustment of operating parameters to suit your needs. The presented machine has the ability to machine parts like "calzing" and elements to manufacture countertops (and placed "on the dash"). Table Receiving Application of automatic feeding conveyor slats on the introductory press PHSL supports line by one, giving the elements of the employee.Table receiver is equipped with a shutter buffer increasing productivity and workflow. The line operates in automatic with manual loading of the material. Components of the line may be made in different (agreed with the customer) configurations to customize the machine's housing conditions. (Source:

Technical Data:

"The width of the input packet shapers milling: mm600
"The width of glued elements: 40 ÷ 155 mm
"Length of glued elements: mm 170 ÷ 900
"The thickness of the elements adhered to 70 mm20
"Working air pressure: 0.6 MPa
"Compressed air: m³ / h about 25
"Productivity Working cykl. / min. To 2.5 (strip 6600 mm)
"Length of glued: 4500 ÷ 6600 mm
"Operating Voltage: V AC 3 x 400 + N + PE
"Control voltage: 24 V DC



Machine for the simultaneous transport and processing element tak
The machine has CE marking tak
Machine used tak
Full Maintenance Manual tak
Technically Efficient tak
Very Good Condition tak
Many accessories attached tak
Equipped with a tray tak
With any adjustable rate tak
The transport component in the machine tak
The tank on Cement tak
The length of the element glued mm 6600

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