Oflisiarka, Obrzynarka LIGNUMA MN-315

Item no. 323
Model / type of machineMN-315
Category of machinesOflisiarka, Obrzynarka
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Oflisiarka LIGNUM MN-315
Production Year: 2009
Condition: Very Good

Technical Description:
Stack 2 - circular boards with motors rozjezdnymi naprowadzanymi laser trimming is used for double-sided disc saws boards. Optimization is achieved by cutting guidance by laser beams cutting heads, minimizing waste. The machine is used in sawmills, furniture factories and woodwork. The machine can work in the processing line in a set of other machines.
The use of circular saw blades with a diameter? 350 mm allows for cutting boards with a maximum thickness of 85 mm, maximum width of the cut material is 500 mm. Workpiece is laid on the loading table, on which the feed belt with a width of 390 mm, the length of the input table is 3000 mm. Speed ​​of feed belt is smoothly adjustable feeding inverter. Due to the dimensions of the cutting chamber minimum length cut planks of 1000 mm. Each of the saw blades is powered by an engine power of 5.2 kW, and synchronized with the laser show her cutting lines.Setting the cutting head is realized by controlling them from the control desk, and here the manufacturer presents two options for the customer controls the width of cut setting. The first is the standard setting using the control buttons heads to the right and left, the second version is equipped with a cutting width of the programmer, which saves memory 8 different dimensions of the cutting, which can change at any time. Use the timer speeds up the process of cutting, because when you press the option of cutting heads programmer drift on the desired dimension.

Technical Data:

"Width of cut material: max. 500 mm / min. 60 mm
"Thickness of material being cut up. 80 mm
"Diameter circular saws? 350 mm
"Length of cut material max. 3500 mm / min. 1000 mm
"Feed speed infinitely variable belt feeder
"Blade motor power 5.2 kW x 2
"Feeding motor power 0.55 kW
"Overall dimensions:height 1600 mm, width 1600 mm, length 3500mm
"Weight: 900 kg



Spindle Lock tak
Machine Length mm 3500
Table Length 2940
Maximum Working Width mm 500
Cutting height mm 80 mm
Machine for the simultaneous transport and processing element tak
The machine has CE marking tak
Machine used tak
Engine power kW 5.2 kW X 2
Supply Voltage V 380-400
Feeder Belt tak
Feed speed m / min infinitely
Technically Efficient tak
Ideal Condition tak
Cutting width mm 500 mm
Feed speed m / min. 45m/min
Saw Diameter mm 400
Machine weight kg 900
Equipped with a tray tak
The noise absorbing housing tak

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