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Line for processing small logs - SLP
Production Year: 2009
Line for SLP Small Log Processing by Wood-Mizer brand is a proposal for entrepreneurs who want to produce boards for pallets. The combination of a narrow kerf technology with low power engines, giving considerable savings, and cut quality remains high.
For many years, Wood-Mizer offers its own unique narrow kerf technology to process small logs in the elements for the production of pallets and boards.
SLP - profitable way to process small logs

Low cost of purchase
Our unique technology does not require a narrow kerf apply to the construction of massive cast iron elements. This allows us to save on manufacturing costs not directly related to the process of cutting.

Low cost of installation of machinery
SLP does not require specially prepared substrate. The line can be installed on virtually every level and stable surface.

The flexibility and variety of configuration options
Our line of SLP has been designed to be able to fit the individual requirements. Thus, the line can be quickly updated with new machines or configured according to current needs and moved from place to place.

The maximum gain
It is very difficult to obtain good material from small logs. By using our technology to a narrow kerf even the smallest board can be obtained. Until we reduce by a minimum of material costs.

SLP line equipment

Twin Vertical Saw - Rozrzynarka vertical, two-head

TVS (Twin Vertical Saw) uses the same technologies that are used in our leading machines. With 600 mm wheels and 467 mm blades.
The tilted head is a unique brzeczotu to Wood-Mizer. It has been designed to ensure maximum blade life and easy separation or particles and their transfer via the ramp carrying.
The draft heads provide quick access to all the regulations giving the possibility of cutting of trees of different species. Standard single-engine power is 11 kW. This guarantees high cutting quality while maintaining low energy costs.
Many hundreds of hours spent on testing and improving the structure meant that the determination of the TVS is worth AWMV logo to Wood-Mizer
Feed system logs - we know how many different ways of handling requirements and feed logs. In our offer you can find many of these methods. All they can meet individual requirements.
Main features:
"Chain of feed along with the rails logs
"Slots for attaching push rods placed at 56 cm, the tappets are normally mounted at the third slot
"Easy to dismantle push to fit the length of the logs
Technical Specifications: TVS - Vertical Rozrzynarka
"Main Engines 2 x 11 kW
"The engine feed 1.1 kW
"Infinitely variable feed speed 0-25 m / min
"Saw Length fourth67 m width of 32-50 mm
"The minimum diameter of 100 mm logs
"The maximum diameter of 400 mm logs
"The minimum length of 0.9 m logs
"The maximum length of 3.6 m logs
"The minimum cutting width of 70 mm
"The maximum cutting width of 250 mm

Single Vertical Saw - Vertical Rozrzynarka, Single head

An important element of any production line is to produce the same elements at the lowest cost. Using the same technology for the treatment, you use the same blades and spare parts for all machines. Single head rozrzynarka vertical (SVS) uses the same head as the TVS and with an efficient system (Infeed) allows you to separate the third page logs, pre-treated by TVS. The applied laser pointer (available as standard) can perfectly adjust the log workpiece in the cutting line.
Combining with our SVS rozrzynarkami horizontal (HR or MultiHead) removal process can be carried out third party logs (SVS), and then broken down to individual boards.

Technical Specification SVS - Rozrzynarka Vertical:
"Main motor 11 kW
"The engine feed 1.1 kW
"Infinitely variable feed speed 0-25 m / min
"Blade Length 4.67 m, width of 32-50 mm

"The minimum length of 0.9 m of material
"The maximum length of 3.6m of material
"The minimum height 10 mm material
"Maximum wysokść material 300 mm
"The maximum width of 400 mm of material
"The minimum width of 80 mm material

Horizontal Resaw - Rozrzynarka horizontal, multi-headed
Complementing the line of SLP is multi-headed rozrzynarka Horizontal - Horizontal Resaw. A unique feature of this machine is its modularity. Depending on the needs of the device can be equipped with 1 to 6 cutting heads. Power of each of the heads is 11 kW. With specially designed bed, the machine can be upgraded at any time for another head. The use of HR in the set SLP can significantly increase the performance of the entire line.

Technical Specification HR - Horizontal Rozrzynarka:
"Main motor 11 kW
"Feeding speed gradated 0-20 m / min
"Saw Length 4.01 m Width 32-50 mm

"The minimum length of 0.9 m squares
"The maximum length of 3.6 m squares
"The minimum height of 10 mm squares
"The maximum height of 400 mm square timber
"The minimum width of 75 mm squares
"The maximum width of 300 mm square timber
"The minimum cutting height of 4 mm
"Cutting height 200 mm

MultiRip Edger - Disc wielopiłę
To increase the efficiency of circular cuts designed wielopiłę designed for longitudinal sawing or trimming boards. Wielopiłę blade is built with roll feeding table combined with the body of the machine and the receiving table, which is an integral part of the machine. With piłom disc (standard:fixed and mobile), in one pass through the device while the board is edged on both sides. You can also mount three additional circular saws. In wielopiłę circular saw blades mounted to drive the electric motor of 15 kW. The machine can cut wood components with a height of 60 mm and a width of 350 mm. Wielopiły The cover allows for quick access to the main shaft for replacement saw blades. Additional roller conveyors located on the housing allow quick and easy return of timber to re-passing through the device.

Technical Specifications:
"Main motor 15 kW
"Feed speed continuously adjustable 14/17/18m/min
Circular saws 350 mm diameter
"The amount of circular saw blades 2-5
"The minimum distance between the saws 25 mm
"The minimum length of 615 mm boards
"The maximum thickness of 60 mm boards
"The minimum thickness of 10 mm
"Maximum cutting length of 550 mm
"The maximum width of the workpiece 300 mm boards
"The minimum width of 25 mm treated boards

Loading Ramp
Technical Specifications:
"Main engine of 4 kW
"Feed speed of 9 m / min
"Dimensions Length 3.6 m-6 m, width 1.8 m, height 0.92 m
"Weight 1100 kg-1300 kg
"Maximum load 8000 kg

Ramp stating
Technical Specifications:
"Main engine of 4 kW
"Feed speed of 9 m / min
"Dimensions Length 3.6 m-6 m, width 1.8 m, height 0.92 m
"Weight 1100 kg-1300 kg
"Maximum load 8000 kg
The system delivers the logs to cutting machines.
Made in accordance with all industry standards
sawmills. Strong and sturdy construction for years of trouble-free operation.

Stating the lifting ramp
Technical Specifications:
"Main engine of 4 kW
"Feed speed of 9 m / min
"Dimensions: Length 3 m, width of first98 m, height 0.92 m
"Weight 650 kg
"Maximum load 6000 kg
Designed to transfer logs to the operator's station TVS. The special design allows the operator to deliver logs to focus on the proper setting for cutting logs.
Main features:
- The chain leading
- Adjusting the feed rate

The transport conveyor
"Main motor 1.1 kW
"Feed speed of 9 m / min
"Dimensions: Length 4.1 m - 5.9 m - 7.7 m, width 1.95 m, height 0.94 m
"Weight 400 kg - 500 kg - 600 kg
Available in various lengths and widths. Like the rest of the ramp has a massive construction drive is capable to meet the requirements posed sawmill machines.
Main features:
- Durable construction
- High-quality chains
- Robust motor with gear



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