GOMA defects Cutter OP-160E

Item no. 310
Model / type of machinePO-160E
Category of machinesCutter defects
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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GOMA PO160E Wad Cutter
Type / model: PO160E
Production Year: 2007
Condition: PERFECT

The use, utility property:
The machine is used for cutting out flaws and faces of the boards of the equation (without oflisu after wielopiłę or strugarce). Saw plank or strip cuts across the site selected by the selectors fluorescent chalk, and thus cuts out the defective parts of the board. And waste material after passing through the table saw goes receiver, where segregation takes place.

Features: - Cut the selected errors., - Preparation of raw material for bonding panels, cross-section of material min max 25x30 40x160 - a series of cuts ~ 1.5 sec.,

Technical Data:
"Saw Spindle speed: ~ 3600 r / min.
"Blade Diameter:? 450 mm (? 500 mm - optional)
"Blade motor power: 6,0 kW
"Feeding motor power: 2.2 kW
"Lifting the saw motor power: 0,55 kW
"Motor receiving table: 0,37 kW
"The height of the table saw (operating level): ~ 870 mm
"Weight: 1000kg.

The dimensions of the input material
"Length min. 500mm
"Length max. 6000mm
"Section min. 20 x 40mm
"Cross-section max. 40 x 160mm
"The length dimension of the finished min.180mm



Machine for the simultaneous transport and processing element tak
The machine has CE marking tak
Main Engine Power kW 6.0
Feeding motor power kW 2,2
Security Guards tak
Full Maintenance Manual tak
Feeder Belt tak
Technically Efficient tak
Ideal Condition tak
Machine weight kg 1000
With any adjustable rate tak
Spindle speed rpm 3600
Saw Diameter mm 450

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