Sanders-type veins ITALY SID model L2-Y1-X1-K2 MS 160 ONLY

Item no. 301
ManufacturerS.I.D. ITALY
Model / type of machinemodel L2-Y1-X1-K2 MS 160 ONLY
Category of machinesSanders-type veins
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First Sanding szczotkarka MS 160 prod. SID Italy, model L2-Y1-X1-K2

3.1.1. Technical characteristics:
- Producer - SID Soluzioni Industriali srl - Italy
- Model - L2-Y1-X1-K2
- Category - MS 160
- Serial number - 003
- Max width - 1600 mm
- Feed rate - 1 - 6 m / min
- Max thickness - 120 mm
- Year - 2009
- Weight - 2520 kg
- Length - 2400 mm
- Width - 2300 mm
- Height - 2000 mm
- Unit A - brush vertically positioned with tilt, tool? 320, 150 mm h
- Unit B - a brush with an automatic transverse displacement, the tools? 300, h 200 mm
- Unit C - a long horizontal brush length 1600 mm, the tool? 320 - 390 mm
- Unit D - 2 lower horizontal brushes, tools? 300, h 100 mm;
- Unit E - thickness adjustment processing by the gear motor
- Feeder roller - input and output
- Electric power supply cabinet (for the whole production line for windows).

3.1.2. Purpose and description
Sanders MS 160 szczotkarka Only Up prod. SID Italy, model L2-Y1-X1-K2 was developed to improve the grinding systems of windows and doors frame, both raw and impregnated, painted or indirectly podkładowo aqueous or solvent based paints. Control treatments are performed using a computer mounted on the machine for easy and accurate data. All entered data can be read on the LCD. Cycle begins when the parameters and the element is inserted into the machine designed for grinding.
The present machine conveyor. All technological parameters: feed rate, switching brushes, brush speed can be adjusted according. requirements. Working width up to 1600 mm. The whole line was supplied with one set of electrical cabinets.Partially dismantled the machine and deposited in the warehouse, the inability to confirm the efficiency and completeness, was only the organoleptic examination, there was minor damage to mechanical, pozdejmowane guards, conveyor removed. machine is eligible for review and possible additions. Lack of technical documentation, declaration of conformity.


Lack of technical parameters associated with the machine

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