The line connecting timber GOMA Dwuczopiarkowa 2FC-10KZ6 + FC10PZ6 / 2

Item no. 295
Model / type of machineDwuczopiarkowa 2FC-10KZ6 + FC10PZ6/2
Category of machinesThe line connecting timber
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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The line for Joining Wood Industry At Mikrowczep Dwuczopiarkowa GOMA
Type / Model: FC-10KZ6 + FC10PZ6 / 2
Condition: Very Good (Efficient Line, regularly serviced)
Production Year: 2007

Technical Data:
FC-end tenoning machine 10KZ6
"Spindle Milling:? 50 mm
"Engine: 18kW
"Spindle speed: 6000obr/min
"Dimensions of tools:? 250 /? 50 mm
"Diameter of extractor:? 150 mm
"Chipper:? 300mm x 8mm
"The engine chopper: 6 kW, 3000 rpm
"Diameter suction nozzle from chipper:? 80mm
"Table width: 600mm
"Board thickness: 20-50mm
"Working Height: 25 - 120mm
"Length of boards glued: 200 - 600mm
"The drive of the table: Electromechanical
"Feed: 3 - 30 m / min, controlled continuously variable
"JOINER glue: glue of a special team crest
"Charging the boards glued: Manual for tape loading unit
"Other operations: Automatic
Press FC-10PZ6 / 2
"Width planks glued: 25 - 120mm
"The thickness of boards glued: 20 - 50mm
"The length of the finished boards: 6000 20-50mm
"Ironing: Hydraulic
'Hydraulic cylinder:? 100mm
"The hydraulic unit: up to 100 bar
"Motor unit: 3kW, 1500rpm
"Saw cut-off:? 400mm
"The engine saw: 3.5 kW
Performance kit, depending on the material used for the 4-cycles / min. (Up to 4 strips 6 meters / min)

PRICE: NET 235.000zł



Machine for the simultaneous transport and processing element tak
The machine has CE marking tak
Machine used tak
Technically Efficient tak
Very Good Condition tak
Many accessories attached tak

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