Trak Belt Levels JABŁOŃSKI PT E-64

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Model / type of machinePT E-64
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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PT E-64 is an industrial band saw for precision cutting dedicated timber. The entire process of cutting, loading and unloading manages one person who all the material moving machine controls with a stationary platform. The operator saw the platform that supports the control has an excellent view of the entire cutting process. This work makes it among the safest machine saw blades.
Saw is equipped with a loading ramp that allows storage of feed and automatic feed logs to a single machine. Receiving tape and a set of bulldozers allows for maintenance-free reception of cut parts, which automatically pushes the head with the return movement. Hydraulic log positioning maneuver (with latch clamps with adjustable height, two leveling, Turner chain, resistance to side to rotate and orient angle when cutting) via a joystick. The operator has the ability to seamlessly control the speed of movement of individual operations, so you can quickly and accurately set up the largest log.Automatic Scoring aggregate notch a groove in the log, working with the saw-guide roller adapts itself to przecieranej logs. These elements, together with the unique system of pneumatic power saw significantly increase belt life. Laser cutting line indicating cutting and programmer of the cutting head positioning system with an accuracy of + / - 0.2 mm for optimum cutting of logs. Application of the above solutions can achieve very high efficiency, up to twice higher than the typical pilarce tape. The machine allows a reduction of one-time, assuming that the saw set combined with wielopiłę stacker, stack cutter or a person directly stacking the material to the dryer. Saw is also equipped with control system employee, through which we can check the quality of work performance and technical operatora.Dane:
"Cutting length: 4.2 m (optional 6m).
"Max. Diameter logs reported 1m;
"Main engine 22kW;
"The installed capacity of 30kW;
"Tape 650mm diameter wheels;
"Bandsaw 1.1 x40x4995.
Discounted Price: NET 58.000zł



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