Lathe Jarome JAROCIN DT-2

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Model / type of machineDT-2
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Wood Lathe Copier Jarome The DT-2 Bis
Type / Model: DT-2 Bis
Production Year: 2006
Condition: Perfect

Technical Description:
Lathe copier DNGA-50 (DT-2 bis) is a machine tool designed for shaping wood according to the pattern. The machine provides mapping and repeatability of the shape of the workpieces. Machine tool production is intended for the treatment series. The machine has the ability to upgrade that is based on it, you can create a lathe, milling machine DT-3.
Lathe copier is made of cast iron bed, situated on two solid legs. On the bed is fixed headstock with the driver motor. Mounting the engine on an articulated plate allows the tension belt drive spindle. Konik moving across the bed rails are locked with two screws. Copying is carried out through the bottom bracket mounted on the attachment Tokarska with two swinging arms and a template that is placed on the back strip. Strip with kopiałem can be set at any angle in the range 0-90 °.Slide the machine has a universal plate allows the use of other units in case of expansion. It is powered by motor or by hand wheel.
The machine is attached to the base using screws.

Technical Data:
"Height of centers over bed 270mm
"Maximum turning diameter (discs) 500mm
"The maximum diameter of the workpiece Beams without steady rest 145mm
"The scope of copying podtrzymce round 25-75mm
"Square 25-60mm
"The maximum distance between centers (with retaining claw short) 1600mm
"Length of copy podtrzymce 1300
"The length of the disc copying czteroszczękową 1400mm
"Spindle 450/950/1440/2880 r / min
"Main motor power 2.2 kW
"Feeding motor power 0.37 kW
"Power demand 4kW
"Manual advance
"Feed a mechanical variable speed 0 - 3 m / min
"The maximum depth of cut (per page)
"The team pre-8mm blades
"The team knives copying 5mm
"The total demand of air suction 22m / s
"Jack spindle Morse` s No. 4
"Jack Morse horse` s No. 4
"Overall dimensions: length x width x height: 3000x1200x1300
"Weight of 500kg

Price: 22.000zł NET



The machine has CE marking tak
Machine used tak
Engine power kW 2,2
Spindle speed rpm 450/950/1440/2880
Technically Efficient tak
Very Good Condition tak
Machine weight kg 500

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