Saw formatting REMA RESZEL DMMS-40/340

Item no. 257
ManufacturerREMA RESZEL
Model / type of machineDMMS-40/340
Category of machinesSaw formatting
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Sizing saw REMA DMMS CLASSIC 40/340
Type / Model: 40 CLASSIC DMMS
Production Year: 2006
Condition: Perfect

Technical Data:
"Diameter of main saw? 300 ÷ 450 mm
"Max. Sawing height 145 mm
"Max. Sawing width (the ruler longitudinal) 1300 mm
"Width of sawing using auxiliary buffers on the table 30 ÷ 3200 mm
"Tilting saw blade 0 ° ÷ 45 °
"Power of main engine 6kW
"Spindle speed 3500, 4500, 6000 r / min.
"Diameter of main spindle tip? 30mm
"Diameter spindle saws undercut (in cooperation with the chainsaw only? 300,? 350mm): 120 ÷ 130 mm
"Undercut spindle motor power 0.75 kW
"Undercut spindle speed 8500obr/min.
"Diameter spindle undercut tip? 20 mm
"The diameter of the upper suction connection? 80mm
"Diameter suction connection of the lower? 125mm
"The demand of air in the upper circuit extraction 400m3 / h
"The demand of air in the lower circuit extraction 1000m3 / h

Price: 23.000zł NET



Cutting height mm 145
The machine has CE marking tak
Machine used tak
Engine power kW 6
Spindle speed rpm 3500, 4500, 6000
Technically Efficient tak
Ideal Condition tak
Saw Diameter mm 300-450
Machine weight kg 950
Trolley Side tak

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