Boring-milling machine GOMAD WF-20

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Model / type of machineWF-20
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Horizontal drilling and milling machine GOMAD WF-20
Type / Model: WF-20
Production Year: 2006
Condition: Perfect

Technical Data:
"Max. Drilling and milling 20 mm
"The biggest drilling depth 180 mm
"The largest cutting length 180 mm
"Dimensions of the table surface - length / width 280/600 mm
"The greatest distance from table surface to spindle axis 130 mm
"Spindle Speed ​​2800 r / min
"The engine power 2.2 kW
"Overall dimensions - length / height / width 1240/1350/800 mm
"The demand of air into the vacuum head sawdust 300-350 m3 / h
"The speed of air in the suction system 19-22 m / s
"Connection diameter 80 mm squeegee tip
"Weight 350 kg

Price: 12.500zł NET


Drilling and milling machine WF-20 is designed for drilling and milling cylindrical elongated holes (slots) in various parts of solid wood, softwood or hardwood, possibly in parts of chipboard, hardboard or plywood. Drilling - Milling is used to make holes for the pins and sockets into the locks. Drilling holes followed by drilling or drill heads by a single template. Spacing of holes on the template are 16, 22, 25, 32 mm. WF-20 is used in factories, furniture, woodwork factories and other wood industry companies.


The machine has CE marking tak
Engine power kW 2,2
Spindle speed rpm 2800
Technically Efficient tak
Very Good Condition tak
Machine weight kg 350
Machine Dimensions L x W x H mm 1240/800/1350

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