The line connecting timber GOMA FC-10 FC10 PZ6 KZ6 +

The line connecting timber GOMA FC-10 FC10 PZ6 KZ6 +

Item no. 152
Model / type of machineFC-10 KZ6 + FC10 PZ6
Category of machinesThe line connecting timber
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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Line For Joining Wood panels GOMA FC-10 FC10 PZ6 KZ6 +
Type / Model: FC10 + FC10 KZ6 PZ6
Year: 2003
Condition: Excellent ( The machine was completely renovated) Technical Details:
1 FC-10 Czopiarka KZ6
Milling spindle: R50
"Spindle speed 5500 rpm
" Engine 11 kW
"diameter tool Ř160
" diameter nozzle extractor R150
"Chipper R300-8 mm
" The engine chopper 6 kW / 3000 rpm
"diameter nozzle extractor from the chopper R100
" table width 600 mm
thickness of the boards 25-50 mm
"Working height 40-160 mm
" Length boards glued 200-800
table electromechanical drive
Feed 1910-1927 m / min, < br /> "Control Variable
"Nakładarka special adhesive glue to the crest (no tools)
" Loading Manual boards 2nd Press FC-10 PZ6
"The width of boards glued 40 ÷ 160 mm
glued plank thickness 25 ÷ 50 mm
" Length 6050 mm planks ready

Hydraulic Ironing "The hydraulic actuator R100
Hydraulic to 100 bar
" The engine unit 3kW/1500 rpm
"cut-off saw r400
" Saw motor 3.5 kW

PRICE: 120.000zł. NET (on the Polish territory in the launch price) Working movie line:



Lack of technical parameters associated with the machine

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