Edgebander sided SCM GROUP ME20

Item no. 148
ManufacturerSCM GROUP
Model / type of machineME20
Category of machinesEdgebander sided
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Gorzow Wielkopolski

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SCM Edgebander ME 20 - automatic edge bander for the tank to the glue
Type / Model: ME 20
Production Year: 2010
Condition: Perfect (New Machine)
Warranty: 12 Months

Technical Description:
The machine can machined edge thickness of 2 mm to 25 mm discs of
Standard equipment:
"Body of the machine consists of a steel monoblock, which provides stability and ensures lasting durability and regulations
"Electrical control panel is placed in the top of the machine, facilitating its use in all operating conditions
"Feeding table covered with a material to prevent scratches
"The front telescopic slide with rollers to maintain the surface 1950x550 mm
"Automatic edge feeding system with roll-off valve with a pneumatic knife
"Driven and automatic administration of the rim at the input element
"Automatic shut-off unit with pneumatic locking element to cut off the edges of the front and rear element
"3 rollers:
* 1 rubberised (constant)
* 1 rubberised (oscillating)
* 1 nylon (constant)
'Electrical enclosure with lockable main switch
"Electronic control of temperature glue, glue temperature decrease to 150 ° with a momentary stop the machine, which prevents przypaleniu glue (fast reboot).
"Digital temperature readout
"Aluminum tank adhesive glue nagrzewającymi five elements, which ensures a uniform temperature in the tank, micrometer adjustment amount of glue on the roller distributor (knob), auto-projection imposing glue rollers, depending on the amount of disc
"The top and bottom milling unit for milling ceases to rim the top and bottom with chrome shoes Duplicators
"Digital readouts to adjust the cutter
"Magazine on the rim of the saucer-shaped roll with a diameter of 730 mm
'Feed the system through the upper plate feeder driven
"Height-adjustable by the dial plate with digital readout, automatic setting of aggregates, depending on the desired height
"Centralized suction, thread with a diameter of 120 mm
"Filter to waste long
"Limiter on the output of anodized aluminum
"Set for the processing of edges to a thickness of 2 mm, equipped with:
"4 pairs of rollers in the table
"Adjustable guides at the entrance with digital readout
"Heads of 75 mm profile for R = 2 mm
"The first adjustable pressure roller

Technical Data:
"Dimensions of working table: 1950x30mm
"Height of working table: 904mm
"Min / max thickness of rim: 0.4 / 2mm
"Min / max height of plate: 10/45mm
"Min. Length / width: 180/65mm
"Feedrate: 5m/min
"Cutter speed: 12.000 rpm
"Tool diameter: 70 mm Z4-15 °
"Suction nozzle diameter:120mm
"Blower power: 4000 Watt
"Operating temperature: 20-200 ° C
"Feeding motor power: 0.18kW
"Milling unit motor power: 0.37kW
"Adhesive Tank Engine power: 0.18kW
"Total weight: 270kg.




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